All daily work tasks can be completed without incidents by pre-planning, communication, and building safety into each activity. Individual safety can be achieved by following safety rules, regulations, and making sure safety is thoroughly considered before beginning any assigned task.

By pairing these principles, with some of the best ready-mix concrete products on the market today, Redimix Companies has evolved into the leading ready-mixed concrete supplier in New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Our ability to provide top-quality service, professionalism, and a job well done to each and every one of our customers comes from our commitment to our employees and their commitment to you.

A Zero-Incident Attitude

Safety is a core value for everyone within the company. In order to build a consistent attitude about safe work habits, everyone must start each day believing in the Zero Incident philosophy.

  • Safety is planned into every task
  • Safety is a team approach
  • Safety is achieved through prevention and awareness
  • Safety is openly communicated and practiced

Redimix Safety Manual


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Environmental Stewardship is a cornerstone of how we operate—across every location. Excess emissions can create adverse impacts on our environment. That is why we have implemented company-wide initiatives to reduce idle times in our equipment and adhere to carbon-emission-measuring and verification practices.

Redimix Companies utilizes key partnerships and best practices to recycle all unused concrete. In many cases, the returned concrete can be reused into the production of fresh concrete, depending on the quality and end-use. Additionally, many of our plants have multiple block forms to capture the leftover concrete which then can be made into blocks.

Our facilities feature state of the art technology to measure and mitigate our environmental impact.

2020 CRH Sustainability Report