Standard Ready-Mix Concrete

Standard ready-mix concrete is the most common form of concrete. It is prepared for delivery at a concrete plant instead of mixed on the construction site, and typically uses ¾” stone.

  • High-early Concrete

  • Fiber-reinforced Concrete

  • Flowable Fill

Block Sale

Redimix offers both flat and interlocking, stackable blocks available in several different sizes at our seven plant locations.

Our concrete blocks are a versatile product used in many ways for commercial and residential projects. A steel hook is embedded in both block styles and sizes, making it easy for transport and placement. We do not offer delivery; however, we will load the blocks on your transport vehicle at the plant location.

(2x2x2) @1200lbs, $45.00

(2x2x3) @2000lbs, $55.00

(2x2x4) Flat @4000lbs, $65.00

(2x2x4) V- Block @4000lbs, $65.00

(2x2x6) @3500lbs, $75.00

(3x3x3) @4200lbs, $80.00


Specialty Mixes

Specialty situations require customized solutions. Understanding our customers’ needs and the challenges they encounter every day drives our people. Our Quality Control Managers – using feedback from customers and extensive laboratory and field testing – have developed unique and superior products that address specific project requirements. And if you have a need we haven’t created a mix for already, we can develop one for your project.

  • DOT Concrete

  • Self-consolidating Concrete

  • Pervious Concrete

  • Shotcrete & Gunite

  • Lightweight Concrete