To understand and care about our customers and their needs, enabling us to provide the best in service and quality products.

Our 4 Pillars

  • ● Making Business Better
  • ● Focused Growth
  • ● Right People, Right Place, Right Time
  • ● Unleashing The Potential of OneCRH

A Zero-Incident Attitude

Safety is a core value for everyone within the company. In order to build a consistent attitude about safe work habits, everyone must start each day believing in the Zero Incident philosophy.

  • ● Safety is planned into every task
  • ● Safety is a team approach
  • ● Safety is achieved through prevention and awareness
  • ● Safety is openly communicated and practiced

All daily work tasks can be completed without incidents by pre-planning, communication, and building safety into each activity. Individual safety can be achieved by following safety rules, regulations, and making sure safety is thoroughly considered before beginning any assigned task.

Quality Control

Our QC division employs fulltime quality control technicians with ACI and NETTCP certifications and all our managers are a minimum ACI Level 1 certified. We are recognized as a leader in New Hampshire DOT’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program.



Ernest Bissonnette founded Manchester Redimix Concrete in Manchester, NH.


Ernest started his second company, Nashua Redimix Concrete in Nashua, NH. Ernest passed away in 1957, however Ernest’s wife, Alice, and later his son, Norman, continued the family business establishing Manchester Redimix and Nashua Redimix as the leading concrete suppliers in southern New Hampshire throughout the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.

Mid - 1990's

With the rebound of the New Hampshire economy, the family business grew dramatically with the acquisitions of Quinn Bros. Corporation in Amherst, NH, Persons Concrete in central and northern New Hampshire, the establishment of Seacoast Redimix Concrete in Dover, NH and the acquisition of Northeast Redimix in Berwick, Maine.


After nearly 60 years and three generations, Redimix Companies was acquired by Oldcastle Materials, Inc., one of four worldwide divisions of CRH plc, of Dublin, Ireland. Oldcastle Materials, Inc. is the leading vertically integrated supplier of aggregates, asphalt, ready mix concrete and paving services in the United States.


Redimix Companies, Inc. a CRH Company continues to be the leading concrete company in NH and Southern ME. Operating locally with the unmatched power of OneCRH, Redimix Companies will continue to seek out the best quality materials and newest technology, staying at the forefront of the Ready-mixed concrete industry.