To understand and care about our customers and their needs, enabling us to provide the best in service and quality products.

Our 4 Pillars

  • ● Making Business Better
  • ● Focused Growth
  • ● Right People, Right Place, Right Time
  • ● Unleashing The Potential of OneCRH

A Zero-Incident Attitude

Safety is a core value for everyone within the company. In order to build a consistent attitude about safe work habits, everyone must start each day believing in the Zero Incident philosophy.

  • ● Safety is planned into every task
  • ● Safety is a team approach
  • ● Safety is achieved through prevention and awareness
  • ● Safety is openly communicated and practiced

All daily work tasks can be completed without incidents by pre-planning, communication, and building safety into each activity. Individual safety can be achieved by following safety rules, regulations, and making sure safety is thoroughly considered before beginning any assigned task.

Quality Control

Our QC division employs fulltime quality control technicians with ACI and NETTCP certifications and all our managers are a minimum ACI Level 1 certified. We are recognized as a leader in New Hampshire DOT’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program.


Redimix Companies, Inc. operating divisions are recipients of awards as a concrete supplier to the following projects: (projects)

Manchester Redimix Concrete

Excellence in concrete award from Northern New England Concrete Promotion Association for the Central Parking Garage, Manchester – Boston Regional Airport.

Seacoast Redimix Concrete

Excellence in concrete awards from the Northern New England Concrete Promotion Association for the Packers Falls Bridge Rehabilitation, Somersworth, NH and Lonza Biologics, Pease Tradeport, Portsmouth, NH.