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Redimix Companies, Inc. supplies all types of concrete, including typical normal weight and lightweight concrete, and more specialized mixes such as flowable fill, lightweight cellular concrete, self consolidating concrete, shrinkage compensated concrete and pervious concrete.

All of our ready mix plants use state-of-the-art automation to ensure quality and consistency in our concrete mixes. These mixes are monitored by our quality control staff, which includes three fulltime quality control technicians with ACI and NETCCP certifications. In addition all of our production managers are a minimum ACI Level 1 certified.We are recognized as a leader in NH DOT’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control program.

Ordering Advice
So that we can better serve you here are some guidelines to help you with the ordering process.Check our batch plant locations map to find the location nearest your project for delivery of your order.

Click here to download our Standard Ready Mix Products in PDF format or see the listing below.

The following toll free phone numbers are available for your use:

Southern New Hampshire Redimix/Seacoast Area Redimix:
Persons Concrete: 1-800-998-4434


Ask for concrete dispatch and communicate the following information
to our dispatcher:

  • Job location and directions
  • Yardage (quantity) required
  • What you are pouring
  • How long will it take to place each load for proper truck spacing
  • Mix required, including additives
  • Contact name and phone number
  • For home improvement projects, please review truck accessibility to your site with our dispatcher. As we are not responsible for property damage beyond the curbline of the street.

Standard Concrete Mixes ¾” Maximum Sized Aggregates

Standard Mixes:
Flowable Fill
  • 2000 PSI
  • 2500 PSI
  • 3000 PSI
  • 3500 PSI
  • 4000 PSI
  • 4500 PSI
  • 5000 PSI
  • Excavatable, 100 – 200 PSI
  • Excavatable, pump
  • Tank Fill
  • Fly Ash Fill
DOT Mixes
  • NH Class B
  • NH Class A
  • NH Class AA
  • NH Class AA, QC/QA
  • NH Class T
  • NH Class F
  • Maine Class S
  • Maine Class A
  • Maine Class P
  • Maine Class LP
  • Maine Class Fill
  • Chloride Based Accelerators
  • Non-chloride Accelerators
  • Water-reducers, standard, mid range, high range (superplasticizer)
  • Set Retarder
  • High Early Strength
  • Winter Service Concrete
Grout Mixes Coarse and Fine Aggregate
Structural Lightweight 110 pcf – 120 pcf
  • 2000 PSI Grout
  • 2500 PSI Grout
  • 3000 PSI Grout
  • 4000 PSI Grout
  • Gunnite Mixes
  • Mayco Blockfill Mixes
  • 3000 SPI
  • 3500 PSI
  • 4000 PSI
  • 4500 PSI
Fiber Products
Colored Concrete
Nylon and Polypropylene in addition to other specified products Available as specified
Concrete Blocks
Various size blocks, call us for details

Click here to download our Standard Ready Mix Products in PDF format