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In August, 2007, Redimix Companies donated the use of it's Dover, NH plant, concrete materials and delivery services for the installation of a 20,000 square foot pervious concrete parking lot at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.

This parking lot is part of a research study being conducted by the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center. The center is part of the Environmental Research Group at the University, and operates a first-in-the-nation field research facility where different stormwater treatment systems are performance tested under controlled conditions to establish the best practices in the protection of water resources through stormwater management.

Pervious pavements like this pervious concrete parking lot allow stormwater to drain through so it can be filtered and scrubbed of pollutants rather than letting it collect in detention ponds or pools on the surface. This research project will help local governments develop effective stormwater programs to achieve desirable water quality and stormwater runoff reduction, which has been mandated by the United States Evironmental Protection Agengy's Clean Water Act Phase II Rules.

This innovative technology can also provide stormwater management solutions to help builders and property owners comply and even earn land use credits under New Hampshire's new Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act.

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